Projects and Operations Manager

The role of the Operations Manager is to oversee several projects simultaneously. The job entails working hand-in-hand with project managers to ensure there is efficient allocation of resources. He/she must meet project budgets through assessing and analyzing operational and financial risks that may be encountered in the execution of planned construction projects. The Operations Manager then advises fellow senior management in making decisions that are commercially viable.

His/her role also entails making sure that clients works are allocated to project managers in an appropriate manner and are prioritized based on how urgent they are, and also based on the needs of the client.

The Operations Manager will take charge of the designing and execution of construction strategies upon which the completion of different projects will be based.

In carrying out his duties, he will perform the following; Project Management, Planning, Scheduling, Progress monitoring, Costing, Claims and Contracts Management.


Business Development Manager

The Business Development Manager shall help expand the client base of the company by developing and implementing effective sales strategy for the company.

His/her primary responsibility is to drive sustainable financial growth through boosting sales and forging strong relationships with clients. He/she shall supervise the Sales Engineer and assist in corporate and field marketing and generating viable leads.

The Business Development Manager shall be provided with in-depth information on the scope of operation of the company.

The possession of excellent negotiation and communication skills are key for the success of the company.


Design Engineer

The Design Engineer will be responsible for carrying out the primary duties of design, research, prototyping, engineering documentation, estimating and process improvement.  He/ she will collaborate with the design team on design projects and make designs that are safe to use, and cost effective. One central duty of all design engineers is to constantly advance, review and update the methods and procedures in the design and engineering manual.


Civil/ Structural Engineer

The Civil/Structural Engineer is responsible for designing structures and enforcing standards during construction so that it can meet the specific purpose, and remain safe, economic and functioning throughout its intended lifetime. He is responsible for investigating both the immediate loads and demands on the structure, as well as any likely future changes, and ensure that the structure is designed to withstand those loads.



At Atlantis Structures, we expect the Architect to perform all phases of architectural work including planning, designing and overseeing the construction of works to high standards. To do this, he / she will use the design brief to identify clients’ needs, put together feasibility reports, design proposals, and then develop the architecture in line with clients’ needs, building’s usage, standards and environmental considerations.

The Architect must use their specialist construction knowledge and high level modelling skills to design buildings that are functional, safe, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

This includes new building designs, extensions, alterations, restorations from the earliest stages right through to completion. The goal is to match clients’ needs and produce sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. The architect will control projects from start to finish ensuring high quality, innovative and functional designs. 


Site Engineer

The Site Engineer is responsible for the planning, co-ordination and supervision of the technical aspects of the construction work on site. His main responsibilities include; solving technical challenges, providing advice to senior management and supervising staff.

The site engineer is the highest ranked personnel on the project site. He therefore combines the technical aspect of his work with full management duties on the site. He will also make sure that projects are completed on time to high quality standards and within budget.


Logistics, Maintenance and Property Manager

The Logistics Maintenance and Property Manager is a key junior management position that oversees warehousing, inventory control, material handling, plant and machinery installation and management, transportation and trucking and planning and assignment of workers schedules in conjunction with site engineers and assistant site engineers on project sites and assigned premises. He/ She manages all assets of the business ensuring proper use, maintenance and repair of company properties. LMPM is responsible for overseeing maintenance efforts across the organization and the management of maintenance activities for the upkeep of the company’s buildings, structures, vehicles and internal office and operations work areas. All these have to be done in a timely manner to reduce losses. Communication, coordination and good judgement is an integral skill for this position.


Finance and Accounts Manager

The Finance and Accounts Manager is responsible for the financial health of the company by monitoring financial performance, producing financial reports, developing, and implementing financial strategies. He/she shall provide support to and work closely with senior management, through information analyses (e.g. current processes, actual performance vs. budget and prior year, budget, etc.), and preparation of operational data/analyses for publication to various departments throughout the company. Primary responsibilities will include assisting business units, departments and project heads in monthly operations review, identification of areas for cost reductions and operational improvements, annual budget process, periodic forecasting, and periodic analysis of operations performance.

The Finance and Accounts Manager will lead and develop the team for the finance and account department. This position requires the development, implementation and enforcement of systems and protocols to maximize and strengthen the internal capacity of the organization. One fundamental role of this position is to apply the right mix of finance to ensure smooth cash flow for operations.


Assistant Design Engineer

The Assistant Design Engineer will be responsible for assisting the Design Engineer to carry out the primary duties of design, research, prototyping, engineering documentation and process improvement. One core role of the Assistant Design Engineer is to take charge of prototyping and manage the Tool and Prototype Shop. He/she will collaborate with the design team on design projects and make designs that are safe to use and cost effective. All Assistant Design Engineers are responsible for constantly advancing, reviewing and updating the methods and procedures in the design and engineering manual.


Quantity Surveyor

The Quantity Surveyor would provide commercial support to project teams, maintaining commercial information and ensuring compliance with contractual requirement. He will liaise with client’s representatives and other third parties on commercial issues including agreement of variations, claims and any additional payment. The Quantity surveyor would be a primary project liaison for BM Construction, the client representatives, and other third parties.


Geomatics Engineer

A Geomatics / Land Surveyor measures, maps, assesses, collects and interpret dimensional data about a specific piece of land or structure, using a variety of specialist equipment and technology and supplies such data in the appropriate format to other wings of the business where they may be needed.


Network Systems and IT Manager

The role of the Network Systems and IT Manager is to design, implement, monitor and manage the local and wide area networks of the company to ensure maximum uptime for users. He/she is responsible for installing and maintaining the company's computer networks, training on first hand troubleshooting and computer systems maintenance. He/she shall provide technical support; including designing system configurations, documenting and managing the installation of a new network, and maintaining and upgrading existing systems as necessary.

The Network Systems and IT Manager will work in-house designing and implementing new network solutions and/or improving the efficiency of current networks; Installing, configuring and supporting network equipment including routers, proxy servers, switches, WAN accelerators, DNS and DHCP.

The Office of the Network Systems and IT Manager shall be depository of the company hardware storage replacements and software. He/ She shall constantly educate himself on basic understanding of the corporate software; SAP, ERP, HR Software and Engineering & Design software.


Graphic/ Design Artist

The primary responsibility of the Graphic Design Artist is to provide creative support to the company through artwork by developing graphics, which are good enough to capture the attention of viewers and to communicate the right message. He/she shall be responsible for the entire process of defining the requirements of an artwork, visualizing and creating graphics such as illustrations, letterheads, logos, layouts and photos.

 He/she shall be in charge of the development and execution of compelling visual presentations to inspire and attract the company’s target market through its websites, brochures, complimentary cards and other documents.

He/she shall work closely with the Technical and Communications Manager and the Marketing team and shall provide creative assistance to other departments as and when necessary.

Having a creative flair, a strong ability to translate requirements into design, knowledge in corporate branding, professional approach to time, cost and deadlines, as well as up-to-date knowledge on industry software, are key requirements for this position.


Technical Communications Manager

The Technical and Communications Manager primary responsibility is to be a bridge between the technical/engineering part of the business and the Marketing/sales department of the business. He/she is also solely responsible for collecting photographic information for the engineering and projects management part of the business. The Technical Communications manager’s role includes the capture of the sight and sounds of the business’ activity. The position is essential to the Marketing and Sales department in producing material for marketing and publicity purposes.


Health and Safety Officer

The Health and Safety Officer’s main aim is to prevent accidents, injuries and work related illnesses in the workplace. The role is to create and implement health and safety policies put together in a manual in accordance with the latest legislation and ensure that these policies are implemented by management and the employees. The Health and Safety officer is the prime developer and enforcer of the health and safety manual. In doing his/her work, the Health and Safety Officer is responsible for the proper training of all workers on the contents of the health and safety manual.


Assistant Quantity Surveyor

The Assistant Quantity Surveyor assists the Quantity Surveyor in costing building projects at all stages from planning to completion. He performs all assignments to assist the Quantity Surveyor to complete his work.


Clerks of Works

The Clerk of Works assists in the delivery of construction projects by ensuring that site operations and construction works comply with relevant contract documents, requirements standard and all current legislation. He/ She is considered as the quality control and approval person on the site for both company operations and that of subcontractors. It is his/her responsibility to make sure that construction projects are delivered to specification, on time and according to the set budget for the project.


Accounts Assistants

The Accounts Assistant will assist the Accounts Manager and the Assistant Accounts Manager in recording, reporting and managing company accounts and finances. In doing this the Accounts Assistant will directly help with daily tasks, keying in data on company software, compiling information for superiors but leaving final analysis audit and approval to the managers in the department. He/she will be required to provide administrative support to the department.


Stores Manager

The Stores Manager will take charge of all the day-to-day operations of the stores ensuring that the stores support all departments, business units and project sites in the timely supply of materials, tools and equipment. He/she shall make sure that all health and safety regulations are adhered to at the stores. The Stores Manager will endorse the receipts and authorize the requisition and issuing of all materials, tools and equipment from the stores and into the stores. He/she will liaise with port clearing agents and contractors and manage all shipping and goods clearing procedures from the port. He/ she is responsible for leading, coaching and training the employees at the store.


Site Foreman

A Foreman would be the keystone on site and would supervise all work on site making sure that work is coordinated properly and carried out, as they should be according to set standards, specifications and by instructions and drawings supplied. He/she shall directly be involved in work, help the workers directly and making sure that the work is performed safely and on time.


Technical and Logistics Assistant

The work of the Logistics Assistant is to conscientiously and expeditiously deliver or pick up documents within the two offices of the business or site and between the business and outside entities. He/she is assigned a motor vehicle to use for his/her work. The position is created for swift documents and items delivery within the congested Accra and Tema.


Maintenance Technicians

The Maintenance Technician is responsible for performing many varied duties which includes installing, troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining the companies electrical, production, mechanical equipment and machinery, the electrical fixtures and fittings in the offices and company’s work site. The responsibility is to carry out predictive maintenance to support the achievement of all teams on all sites. Repair works may be done outside at a specialist repair shop, but the electrical and maintenance assistant shall be responsible for coordinating such exercises. Equipment narratives must be enforced from the maintenance office. Whiles performing the duty of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk and hear. The use of protective gear is paramount. The position is a very active one and requires standing, walking, bending, kneeling, stooping, crouching, crawling and climbing most of the times. The employee must frequently move or lift items over 30kg. Good eyesight is a very important.


Tools and Prototype Shop Technicians

The Prototype Shop Technician works with the Design Engineering office to develop prototypes perform tests and build physical models and samples. He/she will perform all fabrications, machining and assembly of models in the tool and prototype shop. He/she is responsible for maintaining a safe working environment and adhere to safe work practices at the workshop.



The Driver/Mechanic is the central person responsible for keeping company vehicle(s) well maintained and in good usable condition at all times. The Driver/ Mechanic’s chief role is to run strict routine maintenance programs on all company vehicles to ensure that they remain efficient, safe to use and ready for duty at all times. He/ She may also be tasked with critical driving assignments such as transporting staff over long distances in a safe, comfortable and timely manner.


Security Guard

The Security Guard is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of all persons and property within and immediately outside the business premises. He/ She must maintain a high visibility presence and prevent all illegal or inappropriate actions. He/ She is responsible for receiving and sending documents between the businesses premises and /or work site through the Logistics Assistants. He must keep proper records of all visitors, employees, contractors who go in and out of the designated premises and keep accurate records of attendance for the allocated sites.