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Atlantis Structures has had the privilege of working with a wide range of clientele over its existence.
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About Atlantis Structures

Atlantis Structures started as a small business in 1997 and has grown from six permanent staff to over forty permanent staff in 2019. Today there are three bands of hierarchical managers to control the operations of the business. The company has professional engineers, architects, planners in every area of its operations and a group of well trained and motivated managers and supervisors.


Engineering & Planning

Engineering is the core of our business. Everything we do starts from here. The company has a full house of well qualified engineers and assistants who design and analyze all our structures and creations to ensure that they are safe and within applicable engineering codes and standards.

Prototyping & Training

As a company into varied services and products, we maintain a vibrant prototype and research shop for first time creations, testing, trial assemblies and development of our various designs.


Atlantis Structures has an admirable safety record. After operating for a period of over twenty years, the company had not yet seen a fatality or debilitating injury to any of its workers or contractors.
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